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If the name JM Heaford is familiar to you that's because we've been supplying North American narrow web printers with innovative plate mounting systems for over 25 years now. In fact, many of the plate mounters that we sold in the early days are still in operation. This is testament to the build quality and excellent ROI of Heaford equipment which has led to us being the biggest single supplier of narrow web plate mounters in the U.S. today.


At JM Heaford we look for partners with the same expertise and as a result we are delighted to have recently appointed Gregg Gayle and US Flexo Solutions as our exclusive representative in the US.

From entry-level plate mounting solutions to high-end AutoMounters, US Flexo Solutions is now your one-stop shop in the US for all plate mounting requirements.

We also have a U.S. resident service and installation engineer to support our vast North American customer base.


The big news of 2017 was the launch of our latest innovation for delivering new efficiencies and productivity to label printers. The Heaford Label AutoMounter eradicates press downtime caused by incorrectly mounted plates.

It builds on a revolutionary idea first introduced in the Heaford FTS mounter, which sees the cameras positioned below rather than on top. The plate is roughly positioned on the manipulators, the operator presses the foot pedal and the AutoMounter then takes over, mounting the plate within a positional accuracy of +/- 5 microns. Each plate takes less than one minute to mount and requires no skilled input from the operator.

Effortless and efficient in operation with...

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