Jinks, Catherine. Babylonne.

Author:Cole, Aimee
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

JINKS, Catherine. Babylonne. Candlewick. 400p. c2008.978-0-7626-2650-0. $18.99. JS

Catherine Jinks has crafted a story set in medieval France about a feisty protagonist, Babylonne, the daughter of Pagan, featured hero in four previous books by Jinks. Her Cathar faith is considered a heresy by the Catholic Church. Facing the doom of an arranged marriage to an old and unthinkable husband, Babylonne disguises herself as a boy and sets out to find the kind people she's heard about for years in stories. She is aided by a Catholic priest, Father Isodore, who reveals that he knew her father and can help her travel safely. Accepting his help, but still not entirely trusting this...

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