A Jew Must Die.

Position:Book review

Jacques Chessex (author); A JEW MUST DIE; Bitter Lemon Press (Fiction:Historical) $12.95 ISBN: 9781904738510

Haunting. Disturbing. Very nearly true. [title=book]A Jew Must Die[/title], by Jacques Chessex, is a fictionalized account of the horrific murder of Arthur Bloch, a Jewish livestock dealer in the Swiss village of Payerne.

When Bloch is coaxed from Market Square to a quiet shed, he does not suspect that he has been selected for slaughter much as he selects animals for butchering. Bloch is well known, successful, and a devout Jew. The Nazis in Payerne have been urged to make an example of just such a person by the inflammatory diatribes of the Reverend Lugrin, a cold-blooded instigator. The murderers intend Blochas death to be a birthday tribute to Hitler. The reaction of Payerneas citizens is as disturbing as the method his killers use to dispose of Blochas remains. The townspeople react to the disappearance of this well-liked individual with asniggering, coarse jokes, and loaded comments.a

The straightforward narrative style of [title=book]A Jew Must Die[/title] contributes to its powerful effect. The facts do not need much elaboration. Readers familiar with Elie Wieselas Night will recognize the drama of individual experience in the shadow of global events. Personal experience can be more revealing than a volume of statistics in understanding the social...

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