Jenkins, A.M. Beating heart: A Ghost Story.

Author:Winship, Michele
Position::Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

JENKINS, A.M. Beating heart; a ghost story, HarperCollins. 243p. c2006. 0-06-0546077. $15.99. JS

Filled with the heat of awakening sexuality, Jenkins' story crosses decades and genres as memory and reality meet each other in a dance shrouded in tragedy. The book begins with a wispy poem spread delicately across the white space of the first 11 pages. Two pages of narrative set the scene. Even, his divorced mother, and his five-year-old sister Libby have just moved into a house more than 100 years old, and Even isn't happy about it. Fifteen more pages of poetry, another voice from another time, intimate that the speaker has been there a long time and resents the imposition of the new inhabitants. The story continues to unfold in this waltz between the past...

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