Continued Reduction of Particulate Matter in Bars Six Months After Adoption of a Smoke-Free Ordinance

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  7. As of July 2016, __ municipalities in the U.S. have enacted comprehensive smoke-free laws.

    1. 895

    2. 1,095

    3. 1,295

    4. 1,495

  8. Despite the increase in restrictive ordinances, an estimated __ of nonsmokers in the U.S. are still not protected from secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure.

    1. one fourth

    2. one third

    3. one half

    4. two thirds

  9. Debates against the implementation of smoke-free ordinances in local communities focus on issues such as

    1. political party preferences.

    2. individual rights.

    3. business owner rights.

    4. all the above.

  10. The U.S. Surgeon General has described SHS as being potentially more toxic than the direct smoke inhaled from a filtered cigarette.

    1. True.

    2. False.

  11. In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a __ annual medical expenditure related to tobacco.

    1. $94 billion

    2. $95 billion

    3. $96 billion

    4. $97 billion

  12. Research has indicated that PM2.5 inhalation can lead to increased

    1. oxidative stress.

    2. free radical production.

    3. DNA damage and repair suppression.

    4. all the above.

  13. Based on a cohort study by the American Cancer Society, a 15-27% increase in lung cancer mortality can result for every __ increase in PM25.

    1. 5 [micro]g/[m.sup.3]

    2. 10 [micro]g/[m.sup.3]

    3. 15 [micro]g/[m.sup.3]

    4. 20 [micro]g/[m.sup.3]

  14. For this study, indoor air quality was measured at 10 pub and bar venues at __ time points.

    1. two

    2. three

    3. four

    4. five

  15. Repeated analysis of variance (ANOVA) measures did not indicate...

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