Personalized Report-Back to Renters on Radon and Tobacco Smoke Exposure

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  7. Radon is the--leading cause of lung cancer.

    1. first

    2. second

    3. third

    4. fourth

  8. A family of higher socioeconomic status is less likely to adopt a smoke-free (SF) home than a family of lower socioeconomic status.

    1. True.

    2. False.

  9. Landlords often expect that SF policies will result in

    1. lower tenant complaints.

    2. lower turnover.

    3. higher vacancy.

    4. lower vacancy.

  10. Participants were eligible to participate in this study if they

    1. had access to a telephone.

    2. were at least 21 years.

    3. had not tested their home for radon within two years.

    4. did not own their home.

    5. all the above.

  11. Participants who selected "yes" in response to "Have you adopted a SF-home policy?" were assigned as

    1. Stage 1.

    2. Stage 2.

    3. Stage 3.

    4. Stage 4.

  12. The same set of questions and response choices were asked at each follow-up and used to classify stage of action.

    1. True.

    2. False.

  13. Of the participants,--reported one or more smoker(s) living in the home.

    1. 39%

    2. 49%

    3. 59%

    4. 69%

  14. Home testing for radon and airborne nicotine following the baseline survey was completed by -- of the participants.

    1. 49%

    2. 52%

    3. 57%

    4. 62%

  15. Among the participants who tested for airborne nicotine at baseline and at 15 months, there was--in airborne nicotine.

    1. no change

    2. a significant decline

    3. a significant increase

  16. --of participants without a SF-home policy at baseline adopted a more restrictive or comprehensive SF-home policy by 3 months.

    1. One quarter

    2. One third

    3. One half

    4. Two thirds


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