Javier Garcia, the new man at Comcast: he looks to build bridges between technology, media and culture.

Author:Briseno, Jose Diaz

WASHINGTON -- Less than a year after landing a top job at Comcast--the world's largest media company--Javier Garcia is already making his mark, building on skills he has honed by bridging the divides between technology, media and culture.

As vice president and general manager for Multicultural Services, Garcia is at the forefront of developing and launching innovative services for customers both in emerging markets abroad and for the fastest-growing market segments within the U.S.

At 45, this Colombian-born engineer-turned technology/ media maven has just led the creation of the next generation interface, the XI Platform, to provide access in Spanish and English to TV content and digital information for Hispanics.

"We are comingling English and Spanish content, which means that we may have Tori Kelly but also we may have Enrique Iglesias. Because, again, a third of our subscribers are multicultural. The content curatorship reflects that," says Garcia.

Catering to many Latino households, the X1 Platform includes a new voice remote feature that recognizes commands spoken in Spanish and also makes it easier to access Spanish language--plus SAP enabled--on demand content on Xfinity.

With 22 million cable TV subscribers in the U.S. and a market value of $147 billion, according to Forbes, Garcia's efforts are crucial to see how media companies reach multicultural markets in a way that incorporates the growing reliance of broadband to the experience.

"At Comcast, you have very smart people thinking about how to solve very tough problems, but different to other companies, people are nice. They don't think a lot (about) themselves; they just roll up their sleeves. And for me, to be honest, that's very refreshing,"-Garcia says of his experience since November 2014.

A graduate of U-Penn's Wharton School of Business--with an MBA and MA in international relations--Garcia arrived to Comcast after eight years in Yahoo, leading its media efforts in emerging markets (Asia, Americas) and later for U.S. Hispanics.

While at Yahoo, Garcia still remembers a visit to Bangalore-the "Silicon Valley of India"-where he met a team of engineers in an effort to...

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