Japan Rearmed: The Politics of Military Power.

Author:Smith, Sheila A.

* Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow and Georgetown University professor Sheila A. Smith takes an unflinching look at today's military relationship between the United States and Japan.

The onetime enemies have enjoyed a mutually beneficial security relationship since the end of World War II, but that may be changing.

The question now for Japan is whether the United States will be a reliable ally as Northeast Asia grows more tense with North Korea, Russia and China posing the most obvious threats.

As a candidate, President Donald Trump suggested that Japan should defend itself against North Korea.

"As Japan faces increasing pressure on its defenses, the reliability of the United States seems less certain," Smith writes.

Article Nine of the Japanese Constitution prevents the nation from waging war, but doesn't place limits on the size or lethality of its Self-Defense...

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