Janis Bowdler: is JP Morgan Chases' newest asset to its Global Philanthropy team.

Author:McQuade, George
Position:From the non-profit to the corporate world

Janis Bowdler, an ardent economic investigator for civil rights organizations had never worked in corporate America.

Now, as part of JPMorgan Chase's Global Philanthropy team, she is on a roll. Turns out this was her dream job.

"My role is to drive our philanthropic strategies and small business through business development and financial capabilities," said Janis Bowdler, from Washington DC, who recently joined JPMorgan Chase's Global Philanthropy team to manage strategic investment in three of the foundation's major gift areas: consumer financial empowerment, small business and affordable housing.

Prior to joining JP Morgan Chase, Bowdler had already made a name for herself and "significantly shaped" herself for working with Hispanic family's economic empowerment as the director of Economic Policy at the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in America.

For more than a decade AT NCLR, Bowdler lead a team dedicated to research, advocacy, and policy analysis issues that advance the economic security and foster opportunities for Hispanic families to thrive and share assets with the next generation. In addition to advising the CEO and NCLR's senior leadership, Bowdler was an expert witness before Congress and federal policymakers.

In addition, she was a spokesperson with media on issues ranging from job creation to job quality, retirement security, housing, banking, community development, and consumer protection. She also served as a project manager at Famicos Foundation, a community development corporation working in the Hough and Glenville neighborhoods of Cleveland, Ohio.

Bowdler said at first she didn't believe that the JPMC job was a good fit because it was mostly a bank environment, but after she sat down with senior management, she had realized she had discovered that it was dream job coming true.

"I realized in the discussions with senior executives that they were building a corporate responsibility strategy that really had depth, which was not present at other financial institutions," explain Bowdler. "They asked me to come in and bring my knowledge of economic mobility strategies and bring that into the firm to help them create a strategy to create change on behalf of the communities of color."

Bowdler was born in Germany, is part Mexican and Irish and says she's a military brat, because both parents were in the military. She was raised in Washington D.C.

"When I...

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