Mark, Jan, comp. Jetblack Sunrise: Poems About War and Conflict.

Author:Swaim, Jessica
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

MARK, Jan, comp. A jetblack sunrise; poems about war and conflict. Trafalgar Square. 159p. illus, index, c2003. 0-340-89379-6. $8.99. JSA

King David and William Shakespeare are among the earliest writers who share space in this anthology with Kipling, Burns, Whitman, Auden and Yeats, although the majority of these poems commemorating the glory and horror of war were penned in the 20th century. Organized into four sections--Peace in Our Time, The Dogs of War, Casualties, and Cold and Civil--the poems range from pleas for peace to lamentations of survivors to reflections upon why wars occur. "Wars happen because the ones who start them think they can win," Margaret Atwood concludes in the final poem, "The Loneliness...

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