James, Brian. Zombie blondes.

Author:Marler, Myrna
Position:Young adult review - Brief article - Book review

JAMES, Brian. Zombie blondes. Macmillan, Feiwel and Friends. 232p. c2008. 978-0-312-37298-9. $16.95. S

This one is for lovers of stories about zombies, vampires, and witches. In certain scenes, it's strongly reminiscent of the movie, The Night of the Living Dead, where hordes of zombies pursue the one or two last mortals in town in stumbling, nearly comatose fashion. The story ends in fiery destruction, but somehow by the end, the reader knows that zombies will return and the protagonist will eventually wind up either a zombie herself or eaten by one. The novel begins with Hannah Sanders moving with her loser father to yet another small town in search of a place to perch for a while as he begins to find yet another dead-end job. This town is different, however. The cheerleaders and popular girls are all impossibly beautiful, the jacks impossibly handsome, and all the girls' names start with "M." Otherwise, the town seems dead, with boarded-up...

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