JAMAICA-TRADE- Jamaica to export frozen lobster to China.


The Governments of Jamaica and the People's Republic of China, on Thursday signed a protocol governing the export of frozen lobster from the island to the Chinese market.

The agreement outlines the sanitary and hygienic conditions necessary to facilitate such export and the responsibilities of the local competent authority/veterinary services division in coordination with the General Administration of Customs of the People's Republic of China (GACC).

Agriculture Minister Audley Shaw, in his remarks at the signing ceremony said that the agreement is 'a big step in the right direction, because it further expands the market for the export of frozen lobsters into China'.

He urged potential exporters and other stakeholders to comply with the requirements.

Shaw said the new agreement expands on the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed by the countries on September 22, 2017 for the export of other fisheries products into China.

'Under that agreement, our two countries agreed to cooperate regarding the promotion of the export of [live] spiny lobster and queen conch in the first instance, and, thereafter, other fishery products from Jamaica to China with a view to expeditiously establish an effective and mutually beneficial trade relationship,' he noted.

Shaw said that since that MOU signing, a protocol for the export of live...

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