JAMAICA-POLITICS- Governor General concerned about 'racist' implications of British insignia.


Governor General Sir Patrick Allen, has expressed concern about one of the ceremonial medals of his office - the British insignia - the Order of St. Michael and St. George.

The medal, that is worn by the head of state, depicts a white man - said to be a triumphant archangel, with his foot on the neck of a black man who is deemed to be Satan.

The medal has traditionally been bestowed and worn by Governors-General across the Commonwealth, who have been knighted by the Queen.

However, recently, the insignia has been compared to the killing of George Floyd, the African-American man who was killed in the United States by a white police officer who placed a knee on his neck.

In response to concerns, Sir Patrick, in a statement on Wednesday said he 'acknowledges and welcomes the concerns expressed by our citizens and the negative emotions that the image has caused.'

He also...

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