Jacob Vargas.

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Sure everybody remembers Jacob Vargas for his classic role as A.B. Quintanilla in Selena, but the veteran actor has a long, storied career in Hollywood. Originally from Michoacan, Mexico, Vargas grew up in Pacoima, California. He started in television in the late 1980's and has kept on From Sons of Anarchy to starring in cool movies like Devil, Vargas continues to improve his craft. This month we can all see him in The 33.

Your idea of Happiness?

Being with my family. You cannot put a price tag on it. In my house we have a thing called "Huggie Time" where we all drop what were doing and cuddle for ten minutes. It's the best therapy.

Your favorite virtue?

My favorite virtue is honesty.

Your favorite qualities in a Latino?

The strong sense of Loyalty to your family and friends. Plus Latinos love to patty and have a good time.

Your favorite qualities in a Latina?

Is the same as my favorite virtue in a Latino ... It's also a virtue I would respect from anyone regardless of ethnic make up.

Your chief characteristic?

I can be a perfectionist at times. Especially when it comes to my work. I'm realizing that there is no perfection in art so I need to just trust the process and let go.

What you appreciate the most in your friends?

I have a great circle of supportive and caring friends but what I love most is their sense of humor. When we get together we laugh our asses off! Your main flaw?

I think my main flaw is that I can be impatient.

Your favorite hobby?

I don't have a real hobby. I have many interests though. I love watching movies and documentaries, I love urban street art and collecting mid century modern furniture.

Your idea of unhappiness?

My idea of unhappiness is living with regret. Taking the safe and comfortable road and never taking risks. You have to take risks.

If not yourself, who would you be?

I would love to be a musician or an artist. I am in awe of people that can create something out of nothing.

Where would you like to live?

I always thought I wanted to live on the beach but I don't like how sand winds up in the crack of my ass so now I may want to live in a woodsy area near a lake.

Your favorite color and flower?

Your favorite bird?

I'm not a huge fan of colors. I like black, white, and grey ... and blue denim. I don't think I have a favorite bird. The Eagle maybe?

Your favorite Latino authors, poets?

My favorite Latino authors are Victor Villasenor,

Oscar Zeta Acosta and Luis J Rodriguez. Favorite Latino poets are Pablo...

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