Jacob, Iris, ed. My sisters' voices; teenage girls of color speak out.

Author:Zachary, Nancy
Position:Book Review - Young Adult Review - Brief Article

Henry Holt, Owl Books. 248p. c2002. 0-8050-6821-X. $13.00. JS *

There is a growing collection of anthologies of original teen narratives that give a remarkable explanation of issues on the minds of today's youth. I was struck first by the cover art choice for this illuminating volume because the young model bears a striking resemblance to Jennifer Lopez. The selections run a wide gamut of issues for ethnic young women today. They are arranged in broad categories so that YAs may browse this candid volume or look specifically for an issue they are concerned about. My favorites include a poignant poem about looking back at childhood, the experience of checking the "ethnic" box on the SAT grid, beautiful prose about the untimely deaths of family members, and honest descriptions about personal...

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