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ipSEAL, Inc.




INITIAL LIGHTBULB: Friends since their college days at UNC-Charlotte, the three founders of iPSEAL - President and CEO Marvin Hutchens, VP of Engineering Pradeep "Bobby" Mohanty, and VP of Product ManagementAshish Patel -- are all telecom engineering veterans. Working for companies like SwitchCo and Global Crossing, We saw the same problems time and time again," said Hutchens, problems that arose when carriers began integrating their older, circuit-switch-based technology with newer Internet protocol (IP) networks. "Everything that you need is already on the (old) network," Hutchens said--from busy signals to call waiting to invisible, data-oriented processes -- but interconnectivity issues between legacy and next-generation systems block major telecom providers as they deploy newer, faster technology. In order to implement a seamless transition between the old and new, the carriers need software like ipSEAL's to act as a conduit between the digital and analog.

IN A NUTSHELL: Slated for release in fourth quarter 2001, ipSEAL's product will allow telecom providers to deploy a next-generation network with fewer problems. "It's basically one platform that can work with all these other platforms," explained Hutchens, highlighting as key features integrated billing, intelligent bandwidth management, unified messaging, and revenue-generating service creation. "We're a glue between next-generation and legacy environments, and a glue between the data in those lines as well as the standard voice lines." At its core, ipSEAL's platform allows for a high-speed network to communicate with the older technology and services that the telecom industry has built out over the course of the last century. "You want to give ubiquity to the deployment," said Hutchens, and provide the end user with the same bells and whistles that are available in the legacy environment. IpSEAL's product development is taking place not only in Broomfield, but also in Bangalore, India, where a quarter of ip SEAL's 40 employees are based. Hutchens...

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