It's Not Enough to Know Better.

Author:Pacheco, Linda

It's Not Enough to Know Better, Video, 2004, Vivid Edge Productions, $795.

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Let's begin with the facts. Sexual harassment is ILLEGAL!

Yes, sexual harassment is illegal in today's workplace. And yes, all employees need to be aware of this fact. But do I want those statements to be the first thing said in a training video?

It's Not Enough to Know Better, available in an employee version and a manager version, starts with harsh statements to grab viewers' attention. It makes it very clear at the beginning that engaging in sexual harassment can lead to lost jobs, ruined careers, and disciplinary actions--all in the first five minutes.

Then we are introduced to our narrator and taken through 12 case study vignettes. For each case study, the viewer is asked to (1) rate the behavior using a scale of one to 10, with one being mild and 10 being severe, (2) answer yes or no if the behavior is considered welcome, and (3) answer yes, no, or perhaps if you consider the behavior sexual harassment.

The video does a good job using a variety of settings to show sexual harassment in the workplace. Quid pro quo, hostile environment, and same-sex harassment are all demonstrated. Even third-party harassment and harassment by a customer are shown.

Most of the information regarding what is and is not considered sexual harassment is told through the case studies, with the narrator...

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