Author:Griffin, Elle

There's something about our current news cycle that gets me down. For long stretches of time I'll avoid the news altogether until I hear others discuss the topics at hand, and suddenly need to brush up on them, once again returning to a state of general apathy. But it's not the news itself I find disheartening, it's the way we're reacting to it. Turning each and every issue into a "right vs. wrong" scenario no one can win.

Business would never work if we treated every decision that way. If an entrepreneur had an idea for an exciting new product, and an investor said the idea would never work, the entrepreneur could say that she was right because there was already growing demand for the product. The investor could say that he was right because that product wasn't set up to scale. But then there would be a stand-still and nothing would move forward.

In reality, both things can simultaneously be true. The entrepreneur can understand that they aren't always right, and the investor can understand that they aren't always right. Instead, a decision can be made by both to humble themselves before the other. To say, you may be right about this part, and I might be right about this part. Maybe there's a way for us to incorporate...

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