It's all about people.

Author:Frost, Calvin
Position:LETTERS FROM the Earth

People really do make a difference. Sure, when we talk about driving change to more sustainable practices, it's stewardship. But, at the end of the day, it is focus and commitment by individuals that effect change. There are several stories below that support this claim but the first one, by way of introduction, is about someone whom you may remember, Joyce Caldwell. A number of years ago, when Joyce was in the fifth grade, I wrote about her. She had just won a student achievement award for the second year in a row by writing and speaking about global climate change, recycling, and a general need for commitment to sustainability, all this in the fifth grade. Five years later, Joyce is in the news again for attempting to start a new health clinic in an impoverished village in the Dominican Republic.

Joyce visited that country under the auspices of the Global Leadership Adventures Group. She observed health problems that she believed were caused by a lack of health education and a scarcity of medical resources.

"Kids would run around with burn marks infected all over their bodies, and it's so unfair that they have no access to anything," she said. "It blew my mind that no one's done anything for those people."

During her trip, Joyce gathered support for awareness for the lack of medical facilities. A project was created and was called "Helping Humanity." Her group chose Carrabayo, a Haitian refugee camp, for the location of the clinic. The need was huge, as the Haitians were discriminated against by the Dominican society. In fact, children of the Haitian refugee camp were not recognized either by Haiti or the Dominican Republic. This discrimination led to a lack of simple medical resources.

Joyce's goal was to build a clinic in the camp to provide basic medical care and ultimately to educate young girls on sexually transmitted diseases.

About $12,000 is needed for a three room facility. Equipment includes examination tables, stethoscopes, and medical kits. Joyce would like to break ground this summer. She already has a third of the necessary funds raised (Joyce is also head of fundraising). Joyce, five years later, is more worldly and committed to helping the world than many who way older. She is connected to a cause and committed to making change. I wonder when we will next hear about Joyce!

Story two is about SLCPs. What are they? SLCP is the acronym for Short Lived Climate Pollutant. This group of pollutants includes black carbon, methane...

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