IT HAPPENED IN VEGAS: Employment law lessons from LEAP 2022.

The HR Specialist's 18th annual Labor & Employment Law Advanced Practices (LEAP) conference brought together hundreds of HR professionals in Las Vegas recently for three days of quality HR training. Here are some nuggets of wisdom from the 30+ LEAP speakers, some of the nation's most respected employment law attorneys.

Another reason to prevent retaliation

"Retaliation cases are tougher to defend, easier to prove and jurors tend to believe a retaliation claim more than other claims. They've very, very dangerous." - Richard Brann, Baker Botts, Houston

Employees winning right to work at home

"During the pandemic, employees have been able to show that remote work can be just as productive. So these work-from-home accommodation claims are going to be more and more successful and harder to fight in court." - Deborah Adams, Frost Brown Todd, Cincinnati

Teach managers about accommodations

"Managers need to be trained on accommodations. You can't assume that managers know they're legally required to adapt an employee's job or schedule if they have a disability... And employees don't have to use any 'magic words' to invoke that. They don't need to say, 'I need an ADA accommodation.'" - Amanda Jones, Cades Shutte, Honolulu

Rising pay = rising legal risks

"If you're increasing pay to compete for employees during this Great Resignation, it would be good to do a pay equity analysis of your entire organization." - Sandy McDonough, Paul Plevin, San Diego

The surprising risk of DOL wage audits

"The Department of Labor isn't just content to look in your sock drawer when they arrive at your workplace. They'll want to look in all your drawers. That's why it's important to get all your wage-and-hour issues right." - Mekesha Montgomery, Frost Brown Todd, Nashville

Your burden of proof in HR investigations

"You're not going to be held to the standard of being absolutely correct all the time beyond a reasonable doubt. As long as you have a reasonable belief that your investigation conclusion is correct, you will be OK." - Kathy Perkins, Kathy...

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