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Published date01 September 2019
Date01 September 2019
World Medical & Health Policy
Volume 11 Number 3 September 2019
An International Journal of Public Policy
Positively Influencing Policy Prescriptions Bonnie Stabile 210
Original Articles
A Tale of Two Programs: Access to High Quality Providers for Medicare Advantage and
Affordable Care Act Beneficiaries in New York State Simon F. Haeder 212
Variations in HCBS Spending, Use, and Hospitalizations among Medicaid 1915(c)
Waiver Enrollees Micah Segelman, Orna Intrator, Yue Li, Dana Mukamel, and
Helena Temkin-Greener 231
Reducing Harm Through Evidence-Based Alcohol Policies: Challenges and Options
Norman Giesbrecht, Linda M. Bosma, and Emilene Reisdorfer 248
Messaging and Advocacy in U.S. Tobacco Control Policy, 2009–19 Kathleen Ferraiolo 270
Modeling the Effect of Income Segregation on Communicable Disease Transmission
Anh Pham 288
Can Adoption of Cuban Maternity Care Policy Guide the Rural United States to
Improve Maternal and Infant Mortality? Debra Pettit Bruns, Lisa Pawloski, and Cecil Robinson 316

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