Issue Information

Published date01 December 2019
Date01 December 2019
World Medical & Health Policy
Volume 11 Number 4 December 2019
An International Journal of Public Policy
Collaborative Paths and Contexts: An Introduction to the Special Issue on Rhetoric of
Medical and Health Policy Heidi Y. Lawrence and Bonnie Stabile 336
Original Articles
Saving the Safety-Net Hospital: Entangled Rhetorics of Life and Death in Hospital
Advertising Liz Hutter 340
Socializing the Gut in Probiotics Experimentation: Calibrating Microbiota and Science
Policy David R. Gruber and Jason Kalin 357
Minimizing the Dangers of Air Pollution Using Alternative Facts: A Science Museum
Case Study David Haldane Lee 379
Improving Technology-Driven Patient Care Coordination: Toward a Techne for
Community-Based Organization Involvement Dawn S. Opel 395
Practicing Pathology: The Rhetoric of Pathology in Jane Doe’s Struggle to Obtain an
Abortion in Federal Immigration Custody Skye de Saint Felix 408
Medicalizing the Disclosure of Mental Health: Transnational Perspectives of Ethical
Workplace Policy Among Healthcare Workers Susan Rauch 424
Serving All Who Served: An Analysis of the VA’s Visual and Digital Rhetorics for
Welcoming Sexual and Gender Minority Veterans Into VA Care Christina Puntasecca,
E. Ashley Hall, and Jennifer Ware 440
Ethos Prototypes: The Intersection of Rhetoric, Cognition, and Communicating Health
Policy Internationally Kirk St.Amant 464
Book Review 474

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