Issue Information

Published date01 June 2017
Date01 June 2017
Volume 51
Number 2
Editors’ Comments 223
Turning the Witness Stand into a Speaker’s
Platform: Victim Participation in the Norwegian
Legal System as Exemplified by the Trial Against
Anders Behring Breivik
Solveig Laugerud and A
˚se Langballe 227
A Disruptive Influence? “Prevent-ing” Problems and
Countering Violent Extremism Policy in Practice
Martin Innes, Colin Roberts, and Trudy Lowe 252
Disqualified Bodies: A Sociolegal Analysis of the
Organ Trade in Cairo, Egypt
an Columb 282
Local Governance and Redistributive Policy:
Explaining Local Funding for Public Defense
Andrew Lucas Blaize Davies and Alissa Pollitz Worden 313
The Hidden Arm of the Law: Examining
Administrative Justice in Gun Carry Licensing
Jennifer Carlson 346
“I’m Giving You a Lawful Order”: Dialogic
Legitimacy in Sandra Bland’s Traffic Stop
en V. Lowrey-Kinberg and Grace Sullivan Buker 379
Moral Foundations, Intuitions of Justice, and the
Intricacies of Punitive Sentiment
Jasmine R. Silver 413

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