Issue Information

Published date01 September 2016
Date01 September 2016
Volume 50
Number 3
Gendering Justice in Humanitarian Spaces:
Opportunity and (Dis)empowerment Through
Gender-Based Legal Development Outreach in the
Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
Milli Lake, Ilot Muthaka, and Gabriella Walker 539
Memory Laws: An Escalation in Minority Exclusion
or a Testimony to the Limits of State Power?
Yifat Gutman 575
Is It the What or the How? The Roles of High-
Policing Tactics and Procedural Justice in Predicting
Perceptions of Hostile Treatment: The Case of
Security Checks at Ben-Gurion Airport, Israel
Tal Jonathan-Zamir, Badi Hasisi, and Yoram Margalioth 608
The Role of Courtroom Workgroups in Felony Case
Dispositions: An Analysis of Workgroup Familiarity
and Similarity
Christi Metcalfe 637
Time and Transcendence: Narrating Higher
Authority at the Caribbean Court of Justice
Lee Cabatingan 674
The Influence of Public Sentiment on Supreme
Court Opinion Clarity
Ryan C. Black, Ryan J. Owens, Justin Wedeking, and
Patrick C. Wohlfarth 703
Double Whammy: Lay Assessors as Lackeys in
Chinese Courts
Xin He 733
Undermining Gender Equality: Female Attrition
from Private Law Practice
Fiona M. Kay, Stacey L. Alarie, and Jones K. Adjei 766

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