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Date01 May 2018
Published date01 May 2018
The Financial Review Vol. 53 , No. 2 May 2018
The Financial Review
Official Journal of the Eastern Finance Association
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Outstanding Publication Awards
The winner of the Financial Review Best Paper Award for 2016
(selected by the Editorial Board) is:
Palani-Rajan Kadapakkam, Alex Meisami, and John Wald, 2016,
The Debt Trap: Wealth Transfers and Debt-Equity Choices of
Junk-Grade Firms. The Financial Review 51, 5–35.
The winner of the Financial Review Best Paper Award for 2016
(selected by FR/EFA participants) is:
Viktor Manahov, 2016, Front-running Scalping Strategies and
Market Manipulation. Why Does High-Frequency Trading Need
Stricter Regulation? The Financial Review 51, 363–402.
Previous winners of the awards are:
2015: Jay Ritter
Michael A. Goldstein, Abhinav Goyal, Brian M. Lucey, and
Cal B. Muckley
2014: Ioannis Oikonomou, Chris Brooks, and Stephen Pavelin
Jonathan Brogaard, Terrence Hendershott, Stefan Hunt,
and Carla Ysusi
Tom McInish, James Upson, and Robert A. Wood
2013: Shrikant Jategonkar
William Megginson, Miao You, and Liyan Han
Srinivasan Krishnamurthy
Richard S. Warr
The Financial Review
c/o Srinivasan Krishnamurthy and Richard Warr
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Poole College of Management
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Official Journal of the:
The Financial Review
MAY 2018 VOLUME 53 NO. 2
Sponsored by:
Poole College of
Corporate Governance and Firm Survival
M. Sinan Goktan , Robert Kieschnick , and Rabih Moussawi
CEO Incentives and Corporate Innovation
Tu Nguyen
Director Networks and Credit Ratings
Bradley W. Benson , Subramanian Rama Iyer ,
Kristopher J. Kemper , and Jing Zhao
Credit Ratings and Managerial Voluntary Disclosures
Guanming He
A Long-Run Performance Perspective on the Technology Bubble
Maximilian Franke and Gunter Löffl er
Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility, and Data Breaches
Claire Lending , Kristina Minnick , and Patrick J. Schorno
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