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Published date01 August 2019
Date01 August 2019
The Financial Review Vol. 54 , No. 3 August 2019
Official Journal of the:
The Financial Review
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Poole College of
Increasing the Tick: Examining the Impact of the Tick Size Change
on Maker-Taker and Taker-Maker Market Models
Justin Cox , Bonnie Van Ness , and Robert Van Ness
Asymmetric News Responses of High-Frequency and Non-High-
Frequency Traders
S. Sarah Zhang
Does Increased Hedging Lead to Decreased Price Effi ciency?
The Case of VIX ETPs and VIX Futures
Adrian Fernandez-Perez , Bart Frijns , Alireza Tourani-Rad , and
Robert I. Webb
How Firms Use Director Networks in Setting CEO Pay
Ian Cherry and Vladimir A. Gatchev
Tiered Information Disclosure: An Empirical Analysis of the Advance
Peek into the Michigan Index of Consumer Sentiment
Weishao Wu , Wenchien Liu , Sandy Suardi , and Yuanchen Chang
Heterogeneity in the Effect of Managerial Equity Incentives on
Firm Value
Bradley W. Benson , Hui L. James , and Jung Chul Park
The Financial Review
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Outstanding Publication Awards
The winner of the Financial Review Best Paper Award for 2017
(selected by the Editorial Board) is:
James Upson and Hardy Johnson, 2017, Are Odd-Lot Orders
Informed? Financial Review 52(1), 37–67.
The winners of the Financial Review Best Paper Award for 2017
(selected by FR/EFA participants) are:
R. Jared DeLisle, Dan W. French, and Maria Gabriela Schutte,
2017, Passive Institutional Ownership, R2 Trends, and Price
Informativeness. Financial Review 52(4), 627–659.
Paul Brockman, Musa Subasi, and Cihan Uzmanoglu, 2017,
Investor Conferences, Firm Visibility, and Stock Liquidity.
Financial Review 52(4), 661–699.
Previous winners of the awards are:
2016: Palani-Rajan Kadapakkam, Alex Meisami, and John Wald
Viktor Manahov
2015: Jay Ritter
Michael A. Goldstein, Abhinav Goyal, Brian M. Lucey, and
Cal B. Muckley
2014: Ioannis Oikonomou, Chris Brooks, and Stephen Pavelin
Jonathan Brogaard, Terrence Hendershott, Stefan Hunt,
and Carla Ysusi
Tom McInish, James Upson, and Robert A. Wood
2013: Shrikant Jategonkar
William Megginson, Miao You, and Liyan Han
Srinivasan Krishnamurthy
Richard S. Warr
The Financial Review
c/o Srinivasan Krishnamurthy and Richard Warr
Box 7229, Department of Business Management
Poole College of Management
NC State University, Raleigh, NC 27695
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