Issue Information

Published date01 March 2017
Date01 March 2017
Volume 51
Number 1
A Brief Note from the New Editors
Jeannine Bell, Susan Sterett, and Margot Young 5
Crime Data, the Internet, and Free Speech:
An Evolving Legal Consciousness
Sarah Esther Lageson 8
Violence Prevention and Targeting the Elusive
Gang Member
Tony Cheng 42
Punishment within Prison: An Examination of the
Influences of Prison Officials’ Decisions to Remove
Sentencing Credits
Benjamin Steiner and Calli M. Cain 70
Legal Attitudes of Immigrant Detainees
Emily Ryo 99
Intersectional Coalitions: The Paradoxes of
Rights-Based Movement Building in LGBTQ
and Immigrant Communities
Erin M. Adam 132
The Elastic Ceiling: Gender and Professional Career
in Chinese Courts
Chunyan Zheng, Jiahui Ai, and Sida Liu 168
Note from the Book Review Editor
Jennifer Balint 200

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