Issue Information

Date01 December 2017
Published date01 December 2017
Volume 51
Number 4
Editors’ Note 753
End Impunity! Reducing Conflict-Related Sexual
Violence to a Problem of Law
Anette Bringedal Houge and Kjersti Lohne 755
Competition and Cooperation in International
Commercial Arbitration: The Birth of a
Transnational Legal Profession
Florian Grisel 790
Courting Custom: Regulating Access to Justice in
Rural South Africa and Malawi
Janine Ubink and Sindiso Mnisi Weeks 825
Neoliberal Penality and State Legitimacy: Politics of
Amnesty in Turkey during the AKP Period
Irem Yıldırım and Tuna Kuyucu 859
Pressured into a Preference to Leave? A Study on
the “Specific” Deterrent Effects and Perceived
Legitimacy of Immigration Detention
Arjen Leerkes and Mieke Kox 895
Making Strategic Choices: How and Why Indian
Groups Advocated for Federal Recognition from
1977 to 2012
Kirsten Matoy Carlson 930
The Effect of Gender and Relational Distance on
Plaintiff Decision Making in the Litigation Process
Claire B. Wofford 966

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