Issue Information

Published date01 September 2017
Date01 September 2017
Volume 51
Number 3
Editors’ Comments 469
Presidential Address and Commentary
Trial by Jury: Story of a Legal Transplant
Valerie P. Hans 471
Can Juries be Lost in Translation?
Mary R. Rose 500
The Dissemination of Jury Trials: A Reading from
ıa In
es Bergoglio 510
The Jury as a Translation of Democratic
Participation and Political Conflict
Lee Demetrius Walker 517
Learning from Precursors, Shaping It from
Masayuki Murayama 525
The Difference Law Makes: Domestic Atrocity Laws
and Human Rights Prosecutions
Mark S. Berlin and Geoff Dancy 533
Crossing Borders and Criminalizing Identity: The
Disintegrated Subjects of Administrative Sanctions
Keramet Reiter and Susan Bibler Coutin 567
The Effect of Paramilitary Protest Policing on
Protestors’ Trust in the Police: The Case of the
“Occupy Israel” Movement
Gali Perry, Tal Jonathan-Zamir, and David Weisburd 602

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