Issue Information

Date01 December 2016
Published date01 December 2016
Volume 50
Number 4
Judicial Impartiality and Independence in Divided
Societies: An Empirical Analysis of the Constitutional
Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina
Alex Schwartz and Melanie Janelle Murchison 821
Legally Queer: The Construction of Sexuality in
LGBQ Asylum Claims
Stefan Vogler 856
The European Court of Human Rights, Amicus
Curiae, and Violence against Women
Rachel A. Cichowski 890
Relational Embeddedness and Socially Motivated
Case Screening in the Practice of Law in Rural
Ke Li 920
Infusing Public Law into Privatized Welfare:
Lawyers, Economists, and the Competing Logics of
Administrative Reform
Avishai Benish and Asa Maron 953
Dispute Resolution Outside of Courts: Procedural
Justice and Decision Acceptance Among Users of
Ombuds Services in the UK
Naomi Creutzfeldt and Ben Bradford 985
Law & Society Review at Fifty: A Debate on the
Future of Publishing by the Law & Society
Joachim J. Savelsberg, Sida Liu, Carroll Seron,
Terence Halliday, Calvin Morrill, and Susan Silbey 1017

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