Is the 2-State Solution Dead?

Author:Singer, Max
Position:THE CONVERSATION - Letter to the editor


The timeline which accompanied the symposium ("Is the Two-State Solution Dead?" May/June 2013) was a valiant effort to be a brief, balanced summary, but several points might be misleading. The timeline started with the Balfour Declaration of the British government rather than with the authoritative international implementation of the idea of a Jewish homeland by the League of Nations in creating the Palestine Mandate under which Britain ruled the area from 1922 until the creation of Israel. It ended with a reference to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approving construction of "settlements" in the El area between Jerusalem and the Jewish city Maale Adumim. These "settlements" had previously been approved by Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Ehud Olmert and were not a Netanyahu initiative. It would have been more truthful as well as shorter to have ascribed this action to "Israel" rather...

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