Is it time to drop your vaccine mandate?

Although the BA.2 variant has caused some cities to tighten their restrictions again, most mask mandates and other COVID restrictions have been lifted in most cities.

Is it also time for your organization to rethink its COVID policies, including requiring employees to be vaccinated and boosted as a condition of employment? Before making a decision, weigh these three issues:

1 Worker expectations. Some employees and applicants want their co-workers to be vaccinated. Others may want the opposite. Ask how employees feel about dropping your mandate. If most workers want a vaccinated workplace, dropping the requirement may lead some to quit. That's a big problem in today's labor market.

2 Your organization's risk tolerance. Some companies remain more vulnerable to a coronavirus outbreak than others. If your employees work in close physical proximity to one another, you're more likely to see production interrupted if the BA.2 variant gets out of control.

Employers that can easily revert to remote work...

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