IOT HELP WANTED: A lack of Internet of Things knowledge--and skills--leaves businesses struggling to recruit talent.

Author:Steffee, S.

Sixty-eight percent of Internet of Things (IoT) professionals have difficulty hiring people with IoT skills, according to a report commissioned by London-based Canonical, the developer of IoT operating system Ubuntu Core. Hardest to hire are employees with big data and analytics knowledge (35 percent)--critical to gathering, analyzing, and monetizing the huge amount of data produced by IoT devices--which is also the most important skill for IoT experts (75 percent).

Other hard-to-find IoT skills are knowledge of embedded software development (33 percent) and embedded electronics (32 percent), IT security (31 percent), and understanding of artificial intelligence (30 percent), according to the Defining IoT Business Models report. Independent industry publication IoT Now surveyed more than 360 IoT professionals, developers, and vendors from around the world.

"When it comes to the IoT, the business community is still overcoming a significant skills gap," Mike Bell, executive vice president of IoT and Devices at Canonical, explains. "Many businesses are concerned by their own lack of knowledge and skills within the IoT market, and many business leaders are finding themselves running headfirst into a set of technology and business challenges that they do not yet fully understand."

In a rapidly evolving industry such as IoT, it is difficult to see more than a few years into the future, the report notes. Organizations are better off identifying the skills required and then determining whether those skills are best outsourced for the short term, which has the benefit of bringing in IoT experts who can share knowledge...

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