INVESTING FIRST: Testing New Technology for Our Customers.


Systel, one of the the largest dealers of office equipment in the country and headquartered in Fayetteville, NC, has been operating with a new strategy in recent years. Systel's business model has been to assume risk and help eliminate the "fear of the unknown" that customers are typically faced with when making investments in new technology for their business.

Systel's mission in recent years has been to focus on the foresight to stay ahead of fast changing customer and business needs by investing in next generation technologies, like the KM-1. The method in which ink is placed on paper is ever evolving and the information technology industry has flourished as manufacturers have found inventive ways to improve print and copy speeds and easily convert documents to the digital environment at a cost effective rate. Today, modern offices are no longer defined by the walls of brick and mortar buildings as the digital world becomes more prevalent. Systel recognizes that business needs are changing, and has focused much of its efforts on working with manufacturers who are developing technologies that are designed to help effectively and efficiently manage their businesses.

Systel has recently traded in their 25 year old Heidelberg presses for Konica Minolta's AccurioJet KM-1 Inkjet Press. This new technology combines the speed and flexibility of offset presses with the digital benefits of speed and variable data printing. "This is the future of our Industry" states Jacqueline Smith, one of Systel's owners and VP of Business Development. "It was important for us to make the investment in this Technology and test it in our Printing Division before we offered it to our customers. In order to stand behind the products we support, we have...

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