Invasion of health privacy.

Position:NO COMMENT - Republican Party repeal Obamacare; Donald Trump's disapproval rating; Vladimir Putin has signed a law partially decriminalizing domestic violence

During a recent policy retreat in Philadelphia, Republican members of Congress were caught on tape lamenting the mess they had created by promising to repeal Obamacare. One fretted about "walking into a gigantic political trap." Another warned darkly that one of the GOP's only identified alternatives, a refundable tax credit, would not work for many families. A third wailed that whatever the party comes up with will be called "Trumpcare" and "Republicans will own that lock, stock and barrel." In response, police launched a probe into the surreptitious recording.


He's Number One!

It took Donald Trump just eight days in office to have his disapproval rating soar past 50 percent, "faster than any President in modern history" according to His closest rival: Bill Clinton, 573 days, followed by Ronald Reagan, 727 days, and Barack Obama, 936 days.

Alternative Facts

"Just look at Gabby Giffords," exclaimed Congressman Sean Duffy, Republican of Wisconsin, in an interview on CNN. "The Marxist who took her life. A leftist guy. And now you see violence and terror in the streets all across America, burning and beating people with Donald Trump hats." Duffy, a former reality TV star, was referring to the 2011 shooting of the former Arizona Representative, who is still alive, by a mentally ill man who leaned to the extreme right, in a nation where public burnings of people wearing Trump hats are at an all-time low.


Vlad the Enabler

Russian president and Trump pal Vladimir Putin has signed a law partially decriminalizing domestic...

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