Introduction: About This Book

About This Book
If you are fortunate, you work in a bustling legal environment
lled with excellent mentors who are dedicated to developing your
skills in the areas of intellectual property, corporate transactions,
and due diligence. These mentors have many years of experience
dedicated to these elds and spend focused time with each junior
attorney. This environment also has procedures in place to train
their attorneys on critical thinking and issue spotting in transac-
tions. Their database is rich with well-developed checklists used to
help conduct due diligence, memos highlighting key issues to look
for in transactions, and regular meetings to discuss updates in the
case law. Plenty of one-on-one instruction is offered to help junior
attorneys learn how to conduct due diligence andaddress difcult
questions. There are also resources dedicated to teaching project
management, effective communication, and methods to stream-
line transactions.
This book is for the rest of us.
The contributors of this book have a combined total of
hundreds of years’ experience in the eld of intellectual property.
Collectively, they have run individual deals ranging in value from
the tens of thousands to billions of U.S. dollars. They come from
technical backgrounds ranging from electrical and chemical engi-
neering to software development and pharmaceutical technology.
They work in large law rms, small law rms, in house, or as solo
practitioners. Despite these diverse backgrounds, they are united
in one thought: the eld lacks a practical guide on how to train
an attorney on conducting effective, cost-efcient due diligence
in the areas of intellectual property and technology. This book is

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