AuthorWilliam Funk - Jeffrey S. Lubbers
What a charming life that was, that dear old life in the Navy when I
kept grocery on a gunboat. I knew all the regulations and the rest of
them didn’t. I had all my rights and most of theirs.
Thomas B. Reed (R. Me.)
Speaker of the House, 1890-92, 1895-99
The fifth edition of the Federal Administrative Procedure Sourcebook, like
its four predecessors, has been compiled as a basic introduction and reference
book on major federal procedural statutes. The text of each statute is provided,
along with explanatory material, legislative history, related guidance docu-
ments, sources of additional relevant information, and a bibliography.
The Sourcebook is designed to be useful for both lawyers and non-law-
yers at federal agencies and for anyone who needs to know more about any of
the key federal procedural statutes. While this volume is designed to be a
convenient source of statutory, regulatory, and other materials, we emphasize
that the commentary is not intended to be a substitute for legal research or for
legal counsel. Readers with specific questions may have to consult the statute
directly, as well as judicial opinions, legislative history, or, where appropri-
ate, the lead agency or their own attorney.
Though the Sourcebook’s organization is largely self-evident, a few pre-
liminary comments may be valuable. These notes follow the format of most
Statutory Citations. This section includes U.S. Code, Public Law,
and Statutes-at-Large citations, including significant amendments.
Lead Agency. This designation is a loose one, because a “lead”
agency’s role may vary from informal consulting and data collection
to issuance of binding regulations, from occasional technical guid-
ance to regular oversight of specific activities. The Overview section
usually elaborates on the lead agency’s role.
• Overview. This section summarizes the content of the statute and its
applicability. Any observations or conclusions represent only the judg-
ment of the editors.

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