Thomson Gale published the first volume of the Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns in 1999. It included nearly 500 essays, each on an important advertising campaign of the twentieth century. The present volume serves as an update to the first, offering an additional 474 essays on campaigns that appeared between the late 1990s and 2005.

There were three main criteria for selecting a campaign: its conceptual value or innovation (sometimes represented by the winning of awards); the importance of the company or brand for which it was run; and its effectiveness in selling the advertised product or service. The campaigns covered in this book were for products or services in various categories, such as alcoholic and other beverages, automobiles, food items, footwear, insurance, public service, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications.


EMMC is organized alphabetically by the name of the company for which the campaign was run. Thus, the "Miller High Life" campaign is listed under SABMiller plc, which manufactures Miller High Life beer. Each entry in the encyclopedia has the same sections:

Entry Head: Lists the company's name, address, phone and fax numbers, and web page.

Overview: Provides a brief summary of the campaign.

Historical Context: Discusses historical details of the brand, the company, the industry, or general culture needed to understand the featured campaign.

Target Market: Specifies the audience toward which the campaign was directed and the reason why that audience was targeted.

Competition: Points out the brand's major competitors and, if known, their market shares. Often discusses the competitors advertising campaigns.

Marketing Strategy: Discusses how the campaign was started, who started it, and what were some of the concerns and goals.

Outcome: Discusses the campaign's success in achieving its goals, if sales increased or decreased during the campaign, and whether the campaign received any awards or other critical attention.

Further Reading: Lists articles and books that provide information on the campaign or on marketing within the category.

Sidebar: Discusses a topic often peripheral to the main discussion but important in understanding the campaign, brand, product, or company.

In addition to the entries, the encyclopedia features a comprehensive index, photographs illustrating many of the campaigns and products...

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