Introducing the 2017-2018 Executive Committee.


TEI's Annual Meeting on August 8 included the swearing in of the Institute's 2017-2018 officers and the transition to the new Executive Committee. Robert Howren is the new international president; James Silvestri, senior vice president; Katrina Welch, secretary; and James Kennedy, treasurer. The remaining members of the Executive Committee are:

Colleen Brown (Salt Lake City)

Kathy Castillo (Detroit)

Dave Gillman (Wisconsin)

Rita Makaris (Chicago)

Lluis M. Fargas Mas (EMEA)

Louis Mestier (Austin)

Mitch Trager (Atlanta)

TEI's 2017-2018 Presidential Goals: 'Getting Connected, Staying Engaged, & Having Fun'

As discussed in the President's Letter, we have set aggressive goals for this year. If you are interested in participating in any of the working groups, please contact the appropriate Executive Committee member.

Working Group Executive Committee Liaison Expand TEI's Membership Base Colleen Brown Member Communications Effort Dave Gillman TEI Mentoring Rita Makaris Social Responsibility/Community Kathy Castillo Involvement Too Emerging Tax Professionals Louis Mestier Establish Framework for a Nationwide Jim Kennedy Scholarship Network Assess Recommendations of the "Global Lluis M. Fargas Mas Outreach" Task Force Report Develop Professional Development Mitch Trager Curriculum Education Program Pricing Mitch Trager Constructive Engagement With Tax and Katrina Welch Accounting Authorities Tax Reform Jim Silvestri Develop and Implement Diversity Katrina Welch Principles for TEI Evaluate TEI's Nominating Procedures Rita Makaris Assess Composition of the...

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