Internal machining in small bores.

Position:Cutting Tool Talk - Brief Article

Iscar is expanding its Passport line of universal holders by adding a new range of bars and inserts for internal machining in 0.157 bores. The Minicham self-clamping miniature inserts are mounted on a solid carbide 0.236" diameter bar that fits into the Passport MG PCO for internal turning and threading applications.

The mini bars for right-hand machining are supplied with 0.394" or 0.787" diameter shank extensions. Minicham inserts are supplied in a double-ended cartridge that is used as an accessory for mounting and indexing the inserts on the carbide bar. The design of the tools provides ease of mounting and indexing, eliminates the need for setup after each insert indexing and provides an easy way to handle very small...

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