The University of denver's Intermodal Transportation Institute (ITI): Executive Masters Program for Transportation Management professionals.

Author:Woodward, George C.

This internationally-recognized and innovative graduate program awards a fully accredited Master of Science in Intermodal Transportation Management. The program is designed to meet the educational needs of professionals in the transportation and supply-chain industries world-wide, and it has been attended by transportation professionals living and working in the US, Australia, Canada, Europe, and Mexico.


Feedback from participating organizations and transportation professionals is very positive. Organizations recognize the program as an important part of their management development and retention efforts, and many participants receive promotions either during their course of study or soon after they graduate.

The recruiting process is underway for the ninth class, which starts this fall. In more than 8 years, more than 120 professionals have graduated horn the program with another 20 expected to graduate in June. One of the most attractive features of the program is its scheduling format, which allows program participants to continue working full-time while undertaking their course of study. Program participants attend a one-week residency at the University of Denver each quarter for five quarters (15 months). Then, they attend a 4-day international travel seminar in the sixth quarter, during which they visit transportation providers, facilities, and government officials. This year's travel seminar will focus on Brussels, Antwerp, and Rotterdam and will include briefings with NATO and the EU. Previous travel seminars have been to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Vancouver, and Amsterdam.


A large part of the success of the MS in Intermodal Transportation Management degree program is due to a unique partnership between academia and the transportation industry. ITI has an active Board of Directors consisting of fifty senior executives from all transportation modes, supply-chain providers, and other sectors of the transportation industry. Not only does the ITI Board support the degree program through scholarships, fund-raising, and other activities, but many of the directors also bring their real-world experience into the classroom by serving as adjunct faculty or guest lecturers.

"A typical class is made up of a diverse group of students whose organizations define the meaning of intermodal transportation," said John Bowe, President-Americas at APL Limited and also Vice-Chairman of the ITI Board of Directors...

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