Inter-Generational Conversations.

Author:Carrigan, Henry L.
Position:Brief article - Book review

Work Title: Inter-Generational Conversations

Work Author(s): Henry L. Carrigan


Byline: Henry L. Carrigan

What happens when an eight-year-old theologian---though very few of them exist in today's world---has a question about salvation, communion, denominationalism, or church history? She asks her grandfather, of course! In this case the grandfather happens to be the world-renowned and deeply thoughtful Robert W. Jenson of Princeton Theological Seminary.

In a marvelous little book, Conversations with Poppi about God: An Eight-Year-Old and Her Theologian Grandfather Trade Questions (Brazos, 1-58743-186-6), Solveig Lucia Gold and Jenson ruminate on topics ranging from Christian origins and the image of God to Santa Claus and other saints and prayer, work, and hamsters.

Full of good humor and Jenson's wisdom and his affection for his granddaughter, the conversations are recorded as they took place in 2003 with little editing. Solveig observes that God is the Father of everyone and...

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