Inter-American Foundation



901 North Stuart Street, Arlington, VA 22203

Phone, 703-306-4301. Internet,

Board of Directors:

Chair Roger W. Wallace

Vice Chair Nadine M. Hogan

Directors Kay Kelley Arnold, Adolfo A. Franco, Nadine M. Hogan, Roger F. Noriega, Jack C. Vaughan, Jr., Roger W. Wallace, (3 vacancies)


President Linda B. Kolko, Acting

General Counsel Jocelyn Nieva, Acting

Vice President for Programs Ramon Daubon

Vice President for External Affairs Patrick Breslin

Vice President for Operations Linda B. Kolko


The Inter-American Foundationis an independent Federal agency that supports social and economic developmentin Latin America and the Caribbean. It makes grantsprimarily to private, local, and community organizations that carry out self-help projects.

The Inter-American Foundation (IAF) was created in 1969 (22 U.S.C. 290f) as an experimental U.S. foreign assistance program. IAF works in Latin America and the Caribbean to promote equitable, participatory, and sustainable self-help development by awarding grants directly to local organizations throughout the region. It also enters into partnerships with public and private sector entities to scale up support and mobilize local, national, and international...

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