Intent vs. Impact.

Author:Grotewohl, Sandra A.
Position::Product/service evaluation

Intent vs. Impact, Online Training, 2007, Anderson-davis, Inc., $40-$60.

At a recent meeting of human resource professionals, I was on a panel discussing how e-learning can meet the demand for just-in-time learning for employees. The panel members all agreed that learning technology investments can lead to increased organizational effectiveness and productivity.


However, debate developed over whether technology can teach content to the employee without significant interaction with (or support from) training professionals, peers, or managers.

The two versions of the online Anderson-davis, Inc., Intent vs. Impact course for supervisors and employees prove without a doubt that web-based instruction can effectively teach interpersonal skills and behavioral topics to employees, supervisors, and managers. (There is also a federal employee version.)

Stephen Anderson has been producing award-winning video programs and delivering classroom training for over 27 years. His sexual harassment, respectful workplace, and diversity training for supervisors make use of "Live Theater" dramatizations. I've used his video series for several successful supervisory training initiatives. I was eager to see Stephen's newest products.

The supervisor course, Intent vs. Impact: Managing a Harassment-Free and Diverse Workplace, consists of six lessons plus a post-test:

* Introduction

* Practical methods for recognizing sexual harassment

* How to stop harassment

* Intervention

* Receiving complaints

* Preventing and dealing with retaliation

The course design features a directed learning path that prevents bypassing content or activities. The estimated time for completion is approximately two to two-and-a-half hours. The course is delivered in an attractive Flash movie format. It is easy to navigate and is available with or without audio (Section 508 compliant).

The employee course, Intent vs. Impact: Achieving a Harassment-Free and Diverse Workplace, consists of four lessons (introduction, recognition, stopping harassment, and preventing retaliation) and a post-test. The course uses the same design features as the supervisor version but is shorter, taking approximately an hour and a half.

"SmartLessons" can be added to the core courses or sent to employees and supervisors as follow-up reinforcement. Available in both supervisor and employee versions, the SmartLessons include:

* How to Recognize Sexual Harassment (10-14 additional scenarios)

* How...

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