Intellicheck, Inc. has unveiled that network connectivity is operational at the Network Operations Center (NOC) of Nlets, the International Justice and Public Safety Network. Intellicheck successfully completed a rigorous, comprehensive security audit of its technical policies and procedures and Law ID's compliance with respect to the Nlets Information Security Policy.

This successful audit led to Intellicheck's building and installing the Law ID backbone at the Nlets Network Operations Center (NOC) in Phoenix, Arizona. After successful audit and evaluation of the installed Law ID backbone, Nlets approved Intellicheck for operations from the NOC. This partnership and approval to operate significantly expands the impact of Intellicheck's strategic partnership with Nlets. Law ID can now be used by law enforcement personnel to rapidly and economically access crucial data they need from local, state and federal law enforcement databases through a single, secure network.

At a time when law enforcement agencies face unprecedented challenges, it is imperative that they have the most advanced technology solutions that deliver access to critical information when and where they need it. Law ID's connectivity with the Nlets network is a transformative step forward for the safety of law enforcement personnel and the communities they serve across the nation, said Intellicheck CEO Dr. William Roof.

Nlets has been the primary mechanism for interstate law enforcement data exchange for 50 years. Nlets' user population consists of all of the United States and its populated territories, all Federal agencies with a justice component, selected international agencies, and a variety of strategic partners that serve the law enforcement community cooperatively exchanging data. The non-profit organization is owned and operated by the states.

Nlets Executive Director Steve Correll commented, Intellicheck's successful completion of this meticulous process demonstrates their commitment to the law enforcement community and their partnership with Nlets. Together, we are making important strides in expanding the power of the Nlets network and its mission as a force for good.

Law ID is the vital tool that provides law enforcement personnel nationwide with a new level of security that helps them safely and confidently interact with persons unknown to them and confront the challenges and threats they face on a daily basis. This state-of-the-art technology delivers real-time authentication...

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