Integrity Action Plan: 12 steps to raise your integrity IQ.

Author:LaManna, Rock
Position:THE BOTTOM Line

Over the course of my Integrity Matters series for this magazine, I have heard from a number of label company owners and managers. Many of you have written to me and said, "Rock, I'm convinced. Integrity matters!" I appreciate hearing that this topic resonates with readers, and I'm happy that companies are finally talking about integrity in their executive boardrooms and management team meetings.

Once owners understand that integrity really does matter, they want to know what to do next. How, they wonder, can they raise their IQ--their integrity quotient?

Unlike our intelligence quotient (a score based on tests designed to assess human intelligence), there's no numerical rating for integrity. To improve our integrity quotient, we need more than smarts. We need 100% focus and follow through. We all have lapses when trying to make big changes, but the priority is to start from a place of integrity and let it guide our actions and choices.

To raise integrity IQ, I have 12 steps that I recommend to clients, and I call it the Integrity Action Plan. The steps are intertwined, and I have laid them out in a specific order, as you'll see. If you approach the process methodically and with discipline, you should see results. You will build the kind of strong business foundation that can handle the weight and responsibility of full integrity.


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