Insurance Saves.

Author:Deapo, Jamie
Position:[ON THE LEVEL]

* Seems like a weird title, doesn't it? But when you really explore what insurance is all about it makes sense. Insurance protection saves lives and businesses. Helps families and businesses continue to function after serious and sometimes tragic events. Brings people healing and hope when things look desperate. Allows every facet of life and business to operate with some measure of certainty. Without it the suffering and loss that would occur would be unimaginable and insurmountable.

I'm not talking about the fender bender that damages a vehicle. The door and patio furniture destroyed by the wind. The business that suffers a minor loss with very little impact to their day to day operations. I'm talking a serious auto accident with injuries; houses and businesses destroyed by fire, tornados and hurricanes and people who die or are seriously disabled and unable to do their job or support their family. These are the serious and tragic events that having insurance protection can in some ways help repair. Unfortunately insurance can't repair the emotional damage these events cause but having protection can make things much more bearable.

What I don't understand is since insurance protection is so important why do we trivialize it?

Just watch the ads on TV and you'll see what I mean. Instead of talking about the importance of solid insurance protection most insurance advertising is meant to be funny or even worse is an insult to the intelligence of viewers. Is it any wonder why consumers don't take insurance protection seriously? They see it is a necessary evil with little importance other than how much they pay.

Anyone who is willing to focus solely on the price of protection when talking to consumers is to blame for this as well. If you treat it as a commodity you just confirm what consumers believe. Why not instead draw their attention to the possibility of a serious loss and how proper protection can put them, their families and their businesses back together. You need to impress upon them the inability to predict who will have a serious loss. It can strike anyone or anything at any time.

All you need to do is watch the news and you can see so many unforeseen situations that result in serious injuries, loss of life and major property damage. Just look at all the weather related natural occurrences of late and the lives and property that have been damaged or lost. That doesn't even take into consideration the possibility of lawsuits related...

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