Insurance project workshop.

Position:Program and Working Group Meetings

The NBER's Working Group on Insurance, directed by Research Associates Kenneth Froot of the Harvard Business School and Howard Kunreuther of the University of Pennsylvania, met in Cambridge on June 10. These papers were discussed:

* Liran Einav, Stanford University and NBER; Amy Finkelstein, MIT and NBER; and Mark Cullen, Yale University, "Estimating Welfare in Insurance Markets Using Variation in Prices"

* Darius Lakdwalla and Neeraj Sood, RAND Corporation and NBER, "Health Insurance as a Two-Part Pricing Contract"

* Thomas Baker, University of Pennsylvania, and Peter Siegelman, University of Connecticut, "Enticing Low Risks into the Health Insurance Pool: An Idea from Insurance History and Behavioral Economics"

* David Moss, Harvard University and NBER, "An Ounce of Prevention: The Power of Public Risk Management in Stabilizing the Financial System"

Erwann Michel Kerjan, University of Pennsylvania; Paul Raschky, University of Innsbruck; and Howard Kunreuther, "Corporate Demand for Insurance: An Empirical Analysis of the U.S. Market...

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