Insurance marketing featuring Facebooks new feature.

AuthorParadiso, Chris

One thing that I teach insurance agencies on a regular basis is that moving forward, digital marketing is going to be considered a traditional form of marketing, and not just in our industry, but in any industry. Part of your digital marketing strategy should include marketing via Facebook, seeing as it is the worlds largest social media platform, making streamlined communication with your customers, clients, and prospects both easy and effective. If your company is not on Facebook already, then creating a Facebook page should be your first step. However, I didn't write this article to give you tips or tricks about Facebook marketing, but instead to talk about its new feature: the reaction button.

Facebook's New Reaction Button

Before they unveiled their new "reaction" button, there was a "like" button in its place, one that we have grown all too familiar with. By giving a post a "like" in the past, you gave it your positive vibe, approval, or showed that you were genuinely interested in the post. We, as marketers, were looking to get as many likes on our company posts as we could to increase user engagement, and in turn reach a wider audience. We would simply strive for likes, comments, and shares to increase our overall audience size, and at the end of the day for each of our posts that was about it. What we decide to include in each post, whether it's a video, a link to the agency website, or a form of visual content marketing, can change; the thing that could not change was how our audience reacted to the post.

Now that Facebook has put out their new reaction button, people can go much further than just a like, comment, or share. Now people have the ability to react to your post, and the options they have to choose from are "love," "haha," "wow," "sad," or "angry" that have a corresponding emoji (smiley face) to go with it. Your audience can tell you how your post made them feel, think, or what vibe your post gave them overall. But, what does this new feature mean for marketing, for the insurance space, or for you and your agency?

Your Social Attitude Matters

In the world of social media, your social attitude matters for many reasons. Your social attitude is how you are interpreted in the social world, which is how your audience feels about your agency's traits, ideas, message, and your way of communicating, and this all speaks directly to your agency's brand. Think about it this way; everything you create in terms of marketing should...

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