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TYPE OF BUSINESS: Our only business is protecting your business. We customize an insurance program that combines property and liability coverages tailored to your business and your risk. Comprehensive business insurance plans. Competitive prices. Access to premier insurance companies. Expert account management. Businessowners Insurance provides complete protection for your firm by combining Property Insurance and General Liability into one packaged policy. Property Insurance covers damage to property that you own--your building, equipment, furnishings, fixtures, computers, valuable papers, records, and more. Included in the Property coverage section of a Businessowners Policy is Business Income and Extra Expense, also known as Business Interruption Insurance.--Business Income provides for the loss of business income that results from a fire or other covered loss that disrupts the operation of your business.--Extra Expense covers the extra expense incurred to continue operations in a temporary location, in the event of a covered loss to your property. General Liability covers your company's legal responsibility for the harm it may cause to others. This includes bodily injury, property damage or loss, personal injury which includes slander or libel, and advertising injury. General Liability also covers the cost of your legal defense. Business Automobile Coverage protects you from losses resulting from bodily injury or property damage, caused by the use of a covered automobile. This insurance can also cover damage to your own vehicle, your company-owned car, and your employees' cars if used for company business. Coverage is customized to suit your needs. Workers' Compensation provides coverage for work-related injuries or illnesses. If one of your employees is accidentally injured while on the job, benefits determined by state law will be paid for a wide range of services to aid the injured worker's recovery and return to work. Employer's Liability coverage is also included and covers suits brought against the employer by the employee for job-related accidents. Suits can also come from family members of employees. Workers Compensation laws often limit the liability of employers to employee suits, but suits are still possible. Umbrella Liability provides excess liability coverage over scheduled, underlying general liability...

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